What Do Underwriters Look for When Construction Companies Request a Bond?

This is episode one of our Weapons of Mass Construction instructional video series. We created this series as an easy-to-access, convenient resource featuring topics that can help your company’s bottom line, and help you stay current on key issues affecting the Construction Industry.

Bob Teska, CPA, Partner in Charge of Construction Services, presents this episode of the webinar series “Weapons of Mass Construction” to bring you an array of topics from accounting, taxation, sureties and insurance. This webinar will explore what underwriters look for when you request a bond.

Highlights from this webinar include:

1) What is a surety bond (unsecured credit: the credit card you never want to use)?

2) The three Cs:

  • Character (Have you used credit before? Do you pay your bills on time?)
  • Capital (What assets do you have? How would you deal with a short-term cash crisis?)
  • Capacity (Your ability to repay debt; What is your backlog?)

3) Working Capital is a measurement that comes right off your balance sheet.


Bob Teska, CPA, CCIFP, is a Partner-in-Charge of Construction Services at Bowers & Company CPAs. Reach him at 315-234-8157 or rmt@bcpllc.com.

Bowers & Company CPAs aims to offer helpful information to our clients and friends. Learn more about how we can help should your construction company need accounting and financial services.

Disclaimer: To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by the Department of Treasury, we inform you any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this document or video is not intended for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or matter that is contained in this document.

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Bob Teska

Bob Teska

Bob Teska, CPA, CCFIP, is Partner-in-Charge of Construction Services at Bowers & Company CPAs PLLC. Reach him at 315-234-8157 or RMT@bcpllc.com. Bowers & Company aims to offer helpful information to our clients and friends. Learn more about how we can help should your construction business need accounting services.

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